No Small Matter

Published on May 2 2015

No Small Matter

Penile enlargement is big business. One only has to look through the spam filter of any email account or surf the Internet for a few minutes before faced with multiple advertisements for penile growth.

Outwardly, many men scoff at these ads, while inwardly they are wondering if they need penile enlargement and if the techniques advertised really work. Most of these skeptics never give the products a try, how to use a penis pump, either out of fear of admitting they need help in that arena or worry that they will waste money on items that show no improvement.

The truth is, many penile enlargement products do work, though some may only show temporary results. Vacuum pumps, special exercising, stretching devices, pills, herbs, and creams all work in their own way to grow a man’s penile. It is, however, vital to use each of these techniques with extreme care, just as one would use with any other medical process. For example, some exercises that are purported to lengthen the penile can cause tissue damage if done incorrectly. Therefore it is of utmost importance to pay absolute attention to the directions and to ask questions about technique if possible.

The most effective penile enlargement technique is surgery. Surgeries that increase the size of the penile are becoming more popular, but only amongst those who can afford the high price. Currently, these surgeries cost from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the type and the technique.

Lengthening surgeries are the least expensive, as they only require the slicing of a ligament that holds part of the penile shaft inside the body. Unfortunately, this also shows the smallest results, with most professionals asserting that a man can see one half inch growth at best and in some cases the penile can actually become smaller due to scar tissue build up. This is why most men attempt to use the more traditional route of at home treatments versus penile surgery.

Written by John

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